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NEW at Truck World 2022: The Greener Solution Route

Connect with exhibitors below that offer greener solutions for the trucking industry and find new ways to make your company more eco-friendly.


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BOOTH #1028

Product: Tracklight and Thermotrack
Product Category: Vehicle Tracking – Telematics/Communications

Our customers don’t have to travel by vehicle to do yard inventories or drive unnecessarily to look for a trailer. And even in the case of a trailer theft, security can simply follow the GPS without having dozens of cars patrolling the country. (which happens more often than we think)

Our customers guarantee us every day that Anytrek saves IDLE time.

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BOOTH #2299

Product: Tower Wash System
Product Category: Cleaning Equipment

Wash a Tractor Trailer with less than 5 gallons of water and only 1 ounce of soap per minute in 5 minutes or less!

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BOOTH #5445

Product Category: Trucks

The BYD 6F is the world’s first commercially available all-electric class 6 cab & chassis that can successfully complete an entire route. The BYD 6F’s core technologies include state-of-the-art batteries, controls and motors to achieve the highest levels of performance, endurance and reliability.

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BOOTH #1078

Product: The Pacific Rebuilt Transmission
Product Category:Transmission

We keep old cores out of the scrap heap or a landfill.
We rebuild the entire unit so it can be used to keep a commercial vehicle performing its best.

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BOOTH #2713

Product: Natural Gas
Product Category: Fuel/Oil/Lubrication and Additives

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is the country’s largest provider of the lowest carbon fuel for the transportation market. Our mission is to decarbonize transportation through the development and delivery of renewable natural gas (RNG), a sustainable fuel derived from organic waste.

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BOOTH #1640

Product: Countearct Balancing Beads, ECO Balance Beads, ECO XL Balance Beads
Product Category: Tires/Wheels/Wheel Ends and Accessories

Counteract is the leading manufacturer of internal tire balancing products. Counteract manufacturers three products lines, Counteract Balancing Beads (premium product), ECO Balance Beads, and new to the market ECO XL Balance Beads which is a large bead formula. Counteract Balancing Beads have been in production and sold worldwide since 1997, to date, Counteract is still the only tire balancing product that has proven a fuel savings of at least 2.2% in two independently run SAE J1321 / TMC RP-1102 Type II Fuel Tests. Along with saving fuel, Counteract receives frequent reports of drastic tire life increases, in many cases Counteract can extend the life of a truck tire by at least 30%. This is in part due to how the product works, by balancing not only the tire and wheel but the entire rotating wheel assembly. Since Counteract is positioned inside the tire itself, there is no need for costly balancing machines, lead, steel, or zinc wheel weights that can fly off and contaminate the environment. Along with Counteract’s abilities to save on fuel, tires, and maintenance costs, Counteract Balancing Beads are produced from 99.9% recycled materials and manufactured in the USA.

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BOOTH #2604

Product: HydraGEN™
Product Category: After Market Emission Reduction Solution

Marketed as an aftermarket product, the HydraGEN Technology reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption through a on-board electrolysis unit.
By optimizing fuel efficiency, fuel requirements are significantly reduced. In 2020 the company has been rated a “Smart Sustainable Company” and is now partner of the UN Smart Sustainable Cities program

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BOOTH #1832

Product: EGR system cleaning
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

Fleet Emission Solutions Inc was founded on cleaning and restoring EGR systems for diesel trucks. Providing engine efficiency, after treatment reliability, and large cost savings to your trucks life.
We are a service dedicated to providing a new and comprehensive package to make your truck or fleet run at its peek efficiency.

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BOOTH #1255

Product: Tractor AeroKit, Tractor Wheel Covers, Trailer AeroSlider, Trailer Wheel Covers
Product Category: Tires/Wheels/Wheel Ends and Accessories

FlowBelow’s aerodynamic products work together to reduce turbulence around the wheels of trucks and trailers. This lowers drag and improves fuel economy. Wheel Covers for tractors and trailers have been proven to save 1.84% in fuel, or 2.61 gallons for every 1,000 miles driven. The Tractor AeroKit saves 2.3% in fuel. All products are available thru truck and trailer OEM’s. FlowBelow’s mission is to help the industry save 500 million gallons of fuel by 2030.

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BOOTH #5004

Product: Freightliner eM2
Product Category: Trucks

Inspired by North America’s bestselling medium-duty truck and built on a global platform from Daimler, the Freightliner eM2 is an emission-free EV truck with industry-leading connectivity and technology from Detroit®. Ideal for local distribution, the eM2 electric box truck lowers our customers’ real cost of ownership, like its heavy-duty class 8 counterpart, the eCascadia. The eM2 has been running in pilot fleets since 2018 and will begin factory production in 2023.

Class: 6 or 7
Horsepower: up to 300 hp
GVWR: 26,000-33,000 lbs.
Target Range: up to 230 miles
Battery Capacity: 210 or 315 kWh
Recharge: 0-80% in 60 mins

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BOOTH #2343

Product: Autocar E-ACTT All Electric Terminal Tractor
Product Category: Truck

Autocar LLC, North America’s oldest brand of specialized severe-duty vocational trucks, now offers an emissions-free, all-electric version of its Autocar ACTT terminal tractor, the E-ACTT. The E-ACTT is a powertrain capable of handling the rigorous demands of semi-trailer yard spotting, shunting and container handling. It’s the kind of equipment that can take your operation to the next level.

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BOOTH #1719

Product: Biodiesel
Product Category: Fuel/Oil/Lubrication and Additives

Greenergy is a global leader in petroleum product supply and Europe’s largest manufacturer of waste-based biodiesel. We use our expertise to manage the movement of fuel from refinery gates around the world to our customers’ sites, ensuring constant reliable supply.

We offer Biodiesel for transportation companies out of our Ontario fuel terminals that can reduce carbon emissions and supplement your existing sustainability plan without requiring any engine modifications. Contact us for a fuel supply consultation.

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BOOTH #1311

Product: Waste e Oil Re-Refining, Aqueous Parts Washer Services
Product Category: Cleaning Equipment

Our Waste Oil Recovery Program takes Waste oil and remanufactures it into Base Oil Products reducing our need for foreign oil.

Our Aqueous Parts Washer Program reduces VOCs from solvent use.

Combined we provide less waste, less VOCs and greenhouse gases.

Ask us how we can assist your company on it’s path to zero landfill and improve your environmental sustainability

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BOOTH #1058

Product: Turbocharger & Injector
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

We are rebuilding Turbochargers & Injectors giving them a second life. As a key member of the circular economy, Industry Diesel has found innovative ways with advancing remanufacturing to provide a positive environmental impact by significantly reducing the amount of energy and resources used when compared with producing a new product.

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BOOTH #2510

Product: INGtech – Eco Driving
Product Category: Software – Fleet/Logistics/Routing

INGtech’s automated turn-key solution improves driver performance and safety through e-learning & empowerment while fleet operators continuously save money, optimize resources and gas emissions.

Our clients save money and the environment by reducing their fleet maintenance costs, energy consumption and carbon footprint.
The implementation of eco driving practises can help fleets save up to 25% in fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15% – all while considerably increasing the life span of vehicles and reducing maintenance costs.

Our eco driving solution is designed to empower drivers through fully automated processes, virtual self-training courses and motivational reward and excellence programs. Our simple, clear and comprehensive courses are developed to minimize resistance to change, ensure the permanent implementation of new practices and allow for ongoing resource optimization and greener operations.

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BOOTH #2509

Product: Powerguard D4
Product Category: Fuel/Oil/Lubrication and Additives

POWERGUARD D4 is Canada’s only all-season single solution for superior diesel and renewable fuels. It gets to work at the heart of the fuel system to renew, protect, and maintain the performance of the entire fuel combustion system. The result is an engine running at its optimum level, which restores fuel consumption, and lowers emissions (CO2 and particulates). Its cold flow technology improves the low temperature operability in a range of renewable blends.

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BOOTH #5204

Product: The New International eMV. Electric Done Just Right.
Product Category: Truck

International eMV Key Features
• Range: 135 miles
• Peak power: 335hp (135 mi battery)
• 3 levels of regenerative braking
• Acceleration equal to or better than diesel
• Robust hill-climbing ability
• Lower maintenance compared to diesel
• Vehicle-to-Grid / Vehicle-to-Building electric capability
• Improved visibility with LED lights, sloped hood and hood mirrors


BOOTH #5100

Product: Cylinder Deactivation
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

Cylinder Deactivation leverages Jacobs’ well-established componentry to disable engine valves in selected cylinders allowing a large engine to have the fuel economy of a smaller engine. Higher exhaust temperatures in operating cylinders maintain aftertreatment temperatures at low load conditions and start-up. CDA can be utilized in diesel engines as well as gasoline, natural gas, and ethanol-fueled engines and aids in meeting stringent fuel economy standards such as the ultra-low NOx standards and drive cycle testing.

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BOOTH #5100

Product: Lashless Valvetrain with Engine Braking
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

Jacobs’ solution enables the use of HLAs with a Jake Brake®. HLA technology has been desired on heavy-duty engines to eliminate the need to set and adjust lash and to optimize the cam design to enhance engine performance and efficiency. A hydraulic cam design allows for optimization in the seating ramp areas which can lead to improvements in fuel economy and emissions. Jacobs’ technology allows for more consistent valve motions throughout all engine operating conditions.

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BOOTH #5100

Product: Variable Valve Actuation
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

Jacobs Vehicle Systems’ Two-Step Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) is for OEMs challenged with meeting future transient emissions and fuel economy targets. A variable lift valvetrain opens up possibilities to meet these needs with minimal changes to the base engine and aftertreatment system while using Jacobs’ proven mechanisms to achieve benefits such as reduced fuel consumption and reduced NOx emissions.

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BOOTH #1619

Product: Fresco 9000 MaXX APUe (Sleeper Unit) / Fresco 9000 DC APUe (Day Cab Unit)
Product Category: Climate Control Systems/Auxiliary Power

Fresco 9000 MaXX APUe and DC APUe systems are the most popular after market NO-IDLE systems available today. They deliver the BEST DRIVER COMFORT offering the Highest Cooling Power at 9,000 BTUs / Longest Runtime – Sleeper unit 10 to 15 hours – Day Cab unit 4 to 6 hours / Lowest Industry Weight / Longest Industry Warranty – Four Years Parts and Labor. Best ROI of one (1) year considering rising fuel cost, the reduced cost of DPF fluid and extended DPF system service cycles.

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BOOTH #2118

Product: Kenworth T680E & K270E
Product Category: TRUCK

Battery Electric Class 8 Daycab TractorT680E
Battery Electric Class 6 Cabover Box Truck K270E

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BOOTH #5327

Product: Lion6
Product Category: Truck

The Lion Electric Co. is an innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles. We design and manufacture all-electric school buses, midi/minibuses for special needs or urban transit as well as urban trucks. Lion is a leading OEM in transportation electrification in North America. We design, manufacture and assemble many components of our vehicles, including chassis, battery packs, cabin and powertrain.

Always actively seeking new technologies, Lion vehicles have unique features that are specifically adapted to its users and their everyday needs. We believe that transitioning to all-electric vehicles will lead to major improvements in our society, environment and overall quality of life.

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BOOTH #1249

Product: LVM Track
Product Category: Vehicle Tracking – Telematics/Communications

Align your business with increased sustainability needs like environmental pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel efficiency.

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BOOTH #5345

Product: Pride EV
Product Category: Trucks

Pride EV, a subsidiary of Pride Group Enterprises, is North America’s turnkey solution of fleet electrification. We provide EVs, chargers and custom EV solutions for a greener tomorrow.

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BOOTH #1525

Product: Polar Blade Snow Removal System
Product Category: Snow/Safety

Our unique patented product is the only green solution for efficient and effective snow removal from trailers and containers. With minimal wearable parts, it easily and effectively removes snow without the use of expensive power installation and maintenance.

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BOOTH #1523

Product: DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) C0310-SA, C0316-SA (either product)
Product Category: Exhaust Components and Accessories/Service

A high performance aftertreatment system enables your engine to be tuned for maximum efficiency at all times. With a poorly functioning DPF your engine runs much higher EGR rates harming engine health and would produce less power as well. When your aftertreatment components wear out by upstream malfunctions, the ECU automatically compensates resulting in increased fuel and DEF consumption over time. Roadwarrior offers high performance coatings to restore your fuel efficiency and reduce regeneration frequency.

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BOOTH #1733

Product: SafeConnect Docking Stations and Truck Trailer Kits
Product Category: Trailer Refrigeration

SafeConnect provides a safe solution for plugging in refrigerated trailers to the electric grid. The cost savings along with emissions reduction make SafeConnect an easy choice for fleets looking toward the future. SafeConnect is the only provider with a true tension release system to mitigate equipment damage while eliminating live wires and dangerous arcing. We have 4 models in three voltage / amperage configurations to fit any fleet’s needs.

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BOOTH #1308

Product: Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems, Patriot APU, GRIP Idle Management System, Proheat Heaters
Product Category: Climate Control Systems/Auxiliary Power

With the PATRIOT APU, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for functionality. PATRIOT offers an APU that is powerful enough to keep you comfortable in the most extreme of climates while powering all of your auxiliary devices. It has a stainless cover and only requires 18″ of unobstructed railroom.
The Eberspaecher Heating and Proheat Heater lines operate like forced air furnaces utilizing the vehicle’s own fuel and power supply to produce heat without idling the vehicle.

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BOOTH #2643

Product: TICO Electric
Product Category: Truck

The emission-free TICO Pro-Spotter, powered by Volvo Penta’s innovative electric driveline, is an ideal solution for fleet operators interested in reducing their carbon footprint and reaching zero emission targets.

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BOOTH #2346

Product Category: Trailer parts & accessories

TRANSTEX develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that offer fleets the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption through improved aerodynamics. Based in Montreal, we have been spearheading the path to a more sustainable transportation industry for over twenty years.

TRANSTEX’s EDGE Aerodynamic Solutions is helping fleets reduce their carbon emissions and improve their corporate sustainability.

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BOOTH #1080

Product: Uber Freight Carrier Application
Product Category: Software – Fleet/Logistics/Routing

For shippers, Uber Freight helps to operate efficient supply chains and eliminate waste. For carriers, Uber Freight helps to limit the number of empty miles on loads and lower carbon footprint.

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BOOTH #1045

Product: VNR Electric Tractor
Product Category: Trucks

At Volvo Trucks we’re committed to innovation. Innovations to increase productivity for our customers with zero emissions, provide quieter solutions for working in urban areas, and improve the world around us. Our achievements in electromobility allow us to do it all.

Today we are proud to introduce enhanced VNR Electric models with an 85% increase in range, up to 275 miles. Plus, faster charging and a wider range of configurations. It’s the kind of innovation you expect from the first and only OEM in North America making, selling, and servicing fully electric, battery-powered heavy-duty trucks.

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BOOTH #2771

Product: PONY LX B
Product Category: Cleaning Equipment

Wash-Bots Canada PONY LX B is a rechargeable battery powered ride on single brush wash system. Using minimal water per wash and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions this machine can operate just about anywhere on site. Silent operation, stainless steel construction guarantees that this unit will continue washing for decades to come. Washing with battery power is 34 years in the making by Bitimec and sold in over 40 countries. We are the leading choice for portable ECO Friendly fleet washing solutions.

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BOOTH #1331

Product: Webasto Thermo Top Evo
Product Category: Climate Control Systems/Auxiliary Power

A Webasto coolant heater is Use as little as 1 Gallon (3.8 Liters) of fuel in a 10 hour period. With a Webasto coolant heater, you can eliminate cold starts & Provide engine pre-heat and reduce engine wear and tear while reducing costly DPF maintenance.